Duel Bad Luck in Early Spring

Riding on Saturday up Deer Creek Canyon, one of our members got stung by a bee or wasp that flew into his open jersey.  Pain and grimace lasted the rest of the climb and on the way down.  A rare event made even rarer that the date was March 31st!  The next day this same team member was riding his mountain bike at Green Mountain.  At the top of a long steady climb, the ridgeline opened up to a sprawling meadow on the top with wildflowers beginning to bloom.  A strong wind was blowing from the East.  As the rider was gasping for air with an open mouth, low and behold, a bee/wasp blew into his open mouth!  As he tried to gather the insect to spit it out he was stung on the tongue!  What are the odds of getting stung on the tongue on April 1st (no joking matter) let alone getting stung two days in a row!!!   What a weekend for this TNWRT rider!

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