Kids Cross Race

This past Sunday saw Alex, Ashlee, Brandt, Ryan, and Ryder all race in the Pre-Junior Category.  They did one whole lap, which was quite long.  Most of the categories only did 4 laps.  They did AWESOME!!!  There were several crashes at the start but all TNWRT kids avoided them.  Ashlee was rocking some knee high Chuck Taylor gym shoes with a pink helmet for style points.  Brandt took out some time to wave to the crowd.  Ryan blasted into the deep sand and kept it upright, powering with style.  And Alex and Ryder raced neck and neck to the finish line.  They all had huge smiles on their faces after the race.  GREAT RIDING kids!!!  I still can’t believe the determination and effort these little kids put into the race.  Imagine picking up a bike almost half your weight and getting over a barrier higher than your knees, and doing it multiple times!  Inspiring rides by all!!!

Elliott and Jackson raced in the 10-12 yr. old category.  During the Pre-J race they took to the course for a preview, riding methodically, learning the course.   When the start whistle blew they were off giving it all they had and showing their skills on their bikes.   Awesome job boys!  

Love to see all these kids having so much fun racing their bikes with their families to support and sometimes race the  same day.   The Wrigley family had everyone racing: Mom, Dad, and kids.  What a great way to spend a beautiful Colorado fall day!!!


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