Sponsor Spotlight: S&P Capital

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Big welcome to our latest team sponsor, S&P Capital. S&P Capital is a leading provider of multi-asset class and real time data, research and analytics. They combine what they learn from every corner of the world-millions of data points from … Continue reading


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Cool Tree Photos Rock!

We love trees!  And some of these photos rock!  Check it out at:



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Rock on, your head! Er, Wood on, your head…

While working on our wood bike project I found a guy, Dan Coyle, in Oregon who makes wood helmets, ya, you heard that right, wood helmets.  They are formed out of a single block of wood with a special rotor bit.  Sounds heavy right?  Not so, these pieces of art and function come in only slightly heavier than a regular recreational bicycle helmet at about 18 to 20 grams!!!  Check out Dan Coyle’s website and incredible wooden helmets   http://coyledesignandbuild.com/ We definitely think wood helmets rock!!!

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Lucky 7’s

The last weekend in April was beautiful despite all the snow we have been getting lately.  The Rocky Mountain Endurance Series race The Ridgeline Rampage had to be rescheduled due to snow the weekend earlier.  Two TNWRT members made the rescheduled event and brought home the first pair of 7’s.  In the half marathon race Lance got 7th, and Curry got 17th.  Great job guys.  Sunday’s weather was equally nice but the wind picked up, especially at the Deer Trail Road Race.  Deer Trail is the home of the first ever Rodeo!  Robert raced hard but got gapped by the lead group and rolled in for 17th place.  Image

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Leadville 100 Qualifers

Several team members have already qualified the for Leadville 100.  Jon E, Andy L, and Robert B.  Others are trying to qualify.  Jon and Robert got in at the Austin Rattler down in Austin TX.  Chris F. hauled a trailer with five bikes down there!  Congrats to him to putting in the extra effort so everyone could focus on the race and not worrying on whether the airlines would lose our luggage.  

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Wood Bike Project/Fundraiser for Leadville 100

Check out our new Wooden Bike Project to raise money for the Scott Family Trust and MDA!  From tree to race bike for the Leadville 100!  


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Mile High Urban Cross Chaos, Sunday, Nov 11th


Along with Primal Wear, Cycleton Denver, and one of our sponsors, Lagunitas Brewing Company, the Natural Way Racing Team is putting on the Mile High Urban Cross Chaos race on Sunday, November 11th.

It’s Denver’s first ever urban CX race. Better yet, there will be a wounded warrior adaptive course that is attracting wounded warriors from all over the region.

The course will be unique and challenging: run up onto a trailer and riding down ramp, weaving around giant tires, riding through a warehouse, racing down the middle of railroad tracks, mud pit, railroad tie barriers, and many other cool stuff.

Did we mention that Lagunitas Beer Garden?

Get the word out! And register now.

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Kids Cross Race

This past Sunday saw Alex, Ashlee, Brandt, Ryan, and Ryder all race in the Pre-Junior Category.  They did one whole lap, which was quite long.  Most of the categories only did 4 laps.  They did AWESOME!!!  There were several crashes at the start but all TNWRT kids avoided them.  Ashlee was rocking some knee high Chuck Taylor gym shoes with a pink helmet for style points.  Brandt took out some time to wave to the crowd.  Ryan blasted into the deep sand and kept it upright, powering with style.  And Alex and Ryder raced neck and neck to the finish line.  They all had huge smiles on their faces after the race.  GREAT RIDING kids!!!  I still can’t believe the determination and effort these little kids put into the race.  Imagine picking up a bike almost half your weight and getting over a barrier higher than your knees, and doing it multiple times!  Inspiring rides by all!!!

Elliott and Jackson raced in the 10-12 yr. old category.  During the Pre-J race they took to the course for a preview, riding methodically, learning the course.   When the start whistle blew they were off giving it all they had and showing their skills on their bikes.   Awesome job boys!  

Love to see all these kids having so much fun racing their bikes with their families to support and sometimes race the  same day.   The Wrigley family had everyone racing: Mom, Dad, and kids.  What a great way to spend a beautiful Colorado fall day!!!


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Dying again and again in Leadville

As a first timer at Leadville 100 MTB race I was a nervous flurry of doubt.  Tires, hydration, clothing, nutrition, weather, and of course, the course!  After realizing I had to be there for packet pickup and pre-race meeting a full 24 before I thought I needed to be there, I packed up quickly, forgetting my rain jacket.  BTW, the first reminder on the race packet said not to even try to attempt the race without said jacket.  The night before the race, as I lay down in my RV, the rain pounded the roof.  How did I forget the jacket?  What was in store for me the next day if it rained?  Doubt loomed like the big storm clouds above.

My pre-ride of the first 10 miles of the course did not give me an easy feeling.  My legs were heavy, matching my breathing.  Starting a race at over 10,000 ft. elevation is a challenge in itself, when that race is 104 miles (NOT 100), with 12,500 ft. of climbing, that brings in another whole dynamic in physical capabilities.  And I was seriously wondering why I had chosen to come to Leadville.

The morning broke chilly but clear.  My starting corral was packed.  The shotgun went off and so did we.  Now, I have no idea where the 9 1/2 hours went during that day.  I remember it all but in a compressed time.  It was surreal.  I stopped once for a couple minutes.  The rest of the day was pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, or in some places pushing my bike.  I saw wounded warriors with prosthetic limbs, sometimes passing me.  I mostly watched the ground below me pass.  I felt like I was dying so many times I can’t count.  The miles and time passed as if in a dream.  My legs cramped and ached.  Why do we do such things?  I can’t explain.

But I did, we did, almost 1500 people did, including a 79 year old man.  Talk about Bravado!  The last few days have been a struggle to get out of bed.  I swore after the race it was a “one and done” deal.  Now all I can think about is trying to beat 9 hours and getting the bigger belt buckle.  Can I do it?  No idea.  What if I fail?  What if it rains?  What if I never tried again?  Damn that race, the one I wanted to do until Lance did it.  Love and Hate.  Pain and Reward.  Life and Death.  Should have never done it, cause now….well, now I have the worst kind of doubt.  Could I have done better?

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47th Annual Bob Cook Memorial / Mt. Evans Hill Climb

Another tough day of racing up to the parking lot of Mt. Evans (14,264 ft.) parking lot in 28 grueling miles of climbing with a total elevation gain of about 7,000 ft. We had a great day of racing with sunny skies and moderate winds. All of our riders had a personal best up the mountain:  Joe, who raced 35+Cat4 with a time of 2:27, Robert and David in 45+Cat4 at 2:31 and 2:49 respectively.  First timer Curry put in a great effort on his 15 year old road bike for a sub 3 hour time too.  Mix1 at the top for some recovery before heading down the mountain helped ease the pain in our legs.  Our Skeleton Performance Optics were a great help in the bright sun at so high of an elevation.   We will be looking for a medical company to be our oxygen sponsor for next year!!!



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